They love to tell you

Stay inside the lines

But something’s better

On the other side

Wutta damn nite! Huauhauahuahua. I have a lil convertation with my friend, in usual condition I’m sure I will mention the name, but not with this morn ahahah. I have a lil convertation and we’re talkin bout kissing! And even it’s not a lil convertation anymore for the last couple hour *laff*. At the end…on the top of everything! I WANT THOSE KINDO KISS! Damn damn damn!!!

No no, I even didn’t think bout make love or havin a sex with another. I even didn’t think or imagine bout a naked body, my brain just…blank! And bite me, it makes the topic run crazy ahah. But seriously I want that kiss, madly!

From my healty grey scale, from my 100% brain’s healt cells, 99% of it had asleep and become an idiot cells, and 1% of it have a simple most wanted thing. Though I’ve got the screen and start to talkin bout kissing, NOTTY ME! Comin up to 02:00 AM and it getting worse but sum of my brain cells woke up and sum of the healt of it become 5% less. There’s a good reminder, wondering me that I must clean my minds up. But! But I just want that kiss =P *caugh*



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