I put this template back here. I still can release this life. I can’t. So I activate semesta-memuja back. For a conventional…I just work along for a nu layout, it is, the nu layout is there. But I think…I didn’t want to use it rite now.

Give myself another time to make a changes. I just can do it now. Huehehehehe, sorry for a several peoples who waiting of my nu layout launched…sum of them already see the lays, and sum of them even never knew bout it, haha I’m sorry, really.

Gimme a time will ya.

And…have a nice convertation wiv ceMonk, wont lie…I’ve already miss him ahahah. And…this is the first morning I feel happy…again…since all of those craps. Sheesh thankz. But…sorry bout the layout, I wont publish it, I can’t.



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