Don’t get me wrong, I’m feeling O.K.

But when I’m without you, it’s just not the same

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m feeling alright

But when I’m without you the day turns into night…into night

You dream of a future…a possible place

Where we lie together face to face

And I’m looking forward

I will not deny

I dream of a future made for you and I

You and I

A future…delicious word, have I? I hope so. A beginning that never fall into my sleeve, a nice theme that wont just run in to my pocket. There is a fight, to have a future. Why? Cause we are all about this craps. Peeps have no satisfied for themselve longlife schedule. Like me at those era…have no future. I left my study behind, have no patient, desperate sindrom act like a fire burning a bird cage, no back door, no room for hide, and…no one could saw me cryin in fear. I eat those pains, like I eat my breakfast meal. I drink those fears like I put that glass of orange juice on my lips. It is inside, always lookin foward for my weak hours. There is a war in this body, subhuman can be, it is hurt inside, wide open. I hope there is a future…if it is not for me…hope it can be for others who want to get a life.

…and then I’m with you

No longer alone

when I’m with you

It feels like I’m home

And you are with me

No longer alone

How could it be?

It feels like I’m home

It feels like I’m home

How could peeps sick for other words, how come they though that everything goes here as a letters mebbe just a shit that provoked? In my own house…I could do anything, include havin a suicide =] Nor a home…nor a 3×3 square room, but I know that I must respect my own life. Rules become an ordinary, it will be happen for other too. If there is a family waiting for me at my home…how lucky I am. If there is a friend who want to walking beside me and consider that this body is still here for this 21 years, how lucky I am. I’m here, not waiting for my deathmatch. I’m here, just want to be me. Sorry for saying that I love you, sorry for saying that I don’t care bout you, sorry for saying that I do hate ya, or sorry for saying nuthin, sorry for my silently, sorry and sorry for being a life person, not my fault for havin this all perfectly.

I look through the darkness into the sky

The moon up above me brilliantly shines

I’ve never been happier watching it glow

I’m here by meself, but I know I’m not alone…I’m not alone

I look through the brightness into the sky

The sun up above me, splitting out fire

Call me a child, call me naive

The world is much brighter

Than it ever used to be

Yes, so call me child, call me naive. I don’t care, coz my life is not like a grass everyone could step into, not like a garbage thrown out everywhere, not like a spreading disease that makes people sick just to see rainbow in my vein.

feat: Duncan Sheik – Home

ps: Kartini’s Day


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