A lifetime waiting for the light to shine

Suddenly you were here, like an angel appeared

And the world that I knew changed into a wonderland

Then you called out my name, Looked around and I found You were gone

Like the rays of the sun, disappeared into never ending nights

The days counted anymore, will shades, will on and on and on till my last sacrifice. Yah…disinilah aku, masih berdiri, berkabut, membeku dalam cerca`an bisu aliran darah yang tersisa. AKU AKU AKU AKU!!!

Where everything real has turned to stone

And the songbird has flown (you’re gone)

Now I know a rose can change a shade of blue

Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

A shade of blue

I’ll got to tell you sumthin, out of the red, out of the black, nor white, nor grey, yellow, or rainbow can be. But I know there will be no words comin out from this stupid mouth, the deaf!!! AKU YANG BISU, YANG TAK MAMPU BERKATA-KATA!

My body’s hurting, crying and yearning

Sometimes I feel like I’m loosing my mind

And I think about you, knowing only you could understand

Here alone in my room, I can feel all the walls closing in

Feeling trapped in a shell, wishing that I could spin the wheels of change

Where will I put this tirredness away…

feat: Incognito – A Shade Of Blue


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