Seemz we have a dead man again here. Holly glory, have a nice happy “pain” birthday fella. This man is one of ma aspirin for my headache deis. Oh no no, he is not just an aspirin, such a…he is…more than that, meaningfull, sumthin that I will reduce and I will recycling maself on those juice machine on the day when desperately loose this guy away.

Hehe comin up wiv a worse grammar, no I can’t think straight coz this failed fixesized box on my arse. Uh yeah, happy belated day again for you bastardius, for yer 23th times have a simple life wich sum of it become a hard one because yerself *winkz* Be wise, be good, keep notty. Anythin for good, and anythin for the truth.

One of my perfect days is the day when I…for the first time, tokin wiv ya on a lil winbox named YM. Its really nice to know you. I have sumthin that I can keepz on my heart now, our relationship. Thankz forward backward and frontward westward eastward blablabla…*ward hahaha, just keep on those road, you are rock! Or you are reggae? Hahahaha.

Whew *xcited*


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