I just want to kill this pain till I can’t feel that pain anymore. But where is da vein?

Hell those blood, I’m just didn’t want to run away from it. Well lets tryin for face it. Heal…heal…you play a game, but sorry my friends I can’t play with my life.

See that road? I will walk on it. You want to be a companion…or just want to see me fall when I get hurt? I never want to order you for hear my craps, all of the delution.

All this circle of tears, I hurt myself then I will hurt sumone else. Cried like a baby then you will do that too. How with…comehere, just sit beside me, don’t say anything, just sit. We share everything, share…everything. In silent.

Everything, till those stars falling down the sky.

I’m here. I’m here.

No matter that you will standing there, or not.

Another day on emo. Uhm…

Hei, lemme ask you sumthin.

Will everythin gonna be okay?

Will the days could change sumone else life?

Will the sun keep those bright for?

Hear that rang?

Hallo, yes this is me.

Thank you.

See you, tomorrow.

I will keep this faith with me.

I will keep You

I will keep yOu

I will keep yoU

Keep YOU faith.

Keep you faith.




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